I saw a mountain lion a few minutes ago, and I googled and found out that his name is P-22, which is a horrible name for a cat, so I named him Sparkles instead.

BUT YOU SAY THEIR JUST MY FRIENDS #thebizneversleeps #neitherdoesfrienship #backstreetsback

BUT YOU SAY THEIR JUST MY FRIENDS #thebizneversleeps #neitherdoesfrienship #backstreetsback

Dinner date๐Ÿ’ #hestealsmyheart #andmyfood  (at Zankou Chicken)

Dinner date๐Ÿ’ #hestealsmyheart #andmyfood (at Zankou Chicken)

lazy saturday, yo.

lazy saturday, yo.

Dear Tiny Wings,
You can cut the act, we all know the game is rigged for the red bird, and we think it’s bullshit. How am I supposed to deal with this, as the mother of Green Bird, when he comes home from flight school with low self esteem because Red Bird told him that his wings were “abnormally tiny” and that there’s nothing he can do to win a level. Everyone knows Red Bird is juicing anyway. I am outraged. Red Bird is the Lance Armstrong of small-winged bird racing and you aren’t doing anything to stop it. I expect you, the creators of Tiny Wings, to pay for Green Bird’s psychiatry bills when he’s a poorly adjusted adult bird. You can all go to bird hell for what you’re doing to my bird family.
Hailey Hays, infuriated bird mother


That day, Vader was amazed to discover that when Boba was saying โ€œAs you wishโ€, what he meant was, โ€œI love you.โ€

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"But make it candid; otherwise it’s not cool"—Chef Shannon.  (at Ferrari of San Diego)

"But make it candid; otherwise it’s not cool"—Chef Shannon. (at Ferrari of San Diego)

Nightlife.๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿฏ๐ŸŒŸ #goodjobbub

Nightlife.๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿฏ๐ŸŒŸ #goodjobbub



Shannon and I were trying to find something to watch and he stopped on one of the Spanish channels and we watched an hour of Pulp Fiction in Spanish even though neither of us really speak it. Also it was censored, so we extra didnโ€™t understand. Sunday funday, man.

HLY SHIT I WATCHD IT TOO and I speak Spanish and let me tell you, the dub is hilariously awful

I was wondering how accurate it was, because Shannon knows some Spanish and thought some weird shit was going down. Also the voice actors they got were entirely too entertaining to me and I laughed. So. Much.